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Vital energy from vitamin B12

Learn how our daily multivitamin seamlessly fits into your vegetarian regimen, granting you the Vitamin B12 necessary for optimal vitality.

The missing nutrient

Vitamin B12 is the only essential nutrient that must come from animal products. Swipe to learn more →

Wasted B12

The bacteria that creates B12 exists in the large intestine preventing you from absorbing any before it vacates the digestive tract.

B12 needs

Vitamin B12 supports your nervous system and is required for the metabolization of food.

Our Story, Our Promise

Our multivitamin provides the appropriate daily B12 nutrients that vegetarians often lack.

✅ Packed with all essential nutrients

✅ 100% of your daily nutrients

✅ Supports nervous system health and metabolization

Bridging the B12 gap

Unlock vitality

Unlock boundless vitality with ease. Are you tired of the hunt for Vitamin B12 sources?
Our daily multivitamin

Fills the B12 gap left by your food intake

Get back to feeling like yourself again

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