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Unveil the way our daily multivitamin harmonizes with your vegetarian lifestyle, providing the crucial magnesium your body requires.

Forgotten need

The human body needs large amounts of magnesium for digestion, muscle repair, sleep, and more. Swipe to learn more →

Plant-based magnesium

These plants often contain anti-nutrients that block the absorption of magnesium.

Enzyme reactions

With over 300 magnesium enzyme reactions, it is imperative that you get your daily dose of magnesium.

Our Story, Our Promise

Our multivitamin provides the appropriate daily magnesium nutrients that vegetarians often lack.

✅ Packed with all essential nutrients

✅ 100% of your daily nutrients

✅ Supports restful sleep

Bridging the magnesium gap

Complete your plate

Complete your plate with confidence. Are you frustrated by the search for magnesium-rich foods?
Our daily multivitamin

Fills the magnesium gap left by your food intake

Get back to feeling like yourself again

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