A vital mineral, especially for bone health. While found in plant sources, its absorption can be challenging. Our calcium ensures you get the right amount efficiently.


Essential for blood health and energy. Many plant-eaters find it difficult to get the right kind of iron that's easily absorbed. Aylorien's iron is bioavailable and ready for your body.


Critical for countless biochemical reactions in your body. Though present in many plants, today's soil conditions and dietary choices can lead to a deficiency.


Mostly found in animal sources, this vitamin is key for nerve functions. Our B12 gives those on a plant-based diet a reliable source without compromising dietary choices.


Sunshine vitamin! Essential for bone health, mood regulation, and immune function. Our plant-based D3 ensures you're not missing out, even on cloudy days.

DHA Omega-3

The good fat, crucial for brain and heart health. We source ours not from fish but sustainable algae, ensuring it aligns with plant-priority lifestyles.


Vital for immunity and metabolic function, while plants do offer zinc, it's often in a form that's less accessible to our bodies.


An antioxidant powerhouse, essential for DNA synthesis and thyroid hormone metabolism. With Aylorien, you'll get the optimal amount.


Integral for thyroid function, iodine in the right amounts can be tricky for those avoiding seafood. We've ensured it's in our multivitamin in just the right dose.
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