Ingredient spotlight

DHA Algae Omega-3 from real food sources

Learn the way our daily multivitamin harmonizes with your vegetarian lifestyle, providing the crucial Omega-3's your body requires.

Brain boost

Omega 3 is critical for brain development and brain function. Swipe to learn more →

Straight from the source

Get Omega 3 nutrients right from the algae that provides it to fish.

Better blood

Omega 3 is known to improve your blood pressure and heart health.

Our Story, Our Promise

Our multivitamin provides the appropriate daily calcium nutrients paired with vitamin D to ensure the proper absorption that vegetarians often lack.

✅ Packed with all essential nutrients

✅ 100% of your daily nutrients

✅ Helps keep healthy eyes, skin, brain, & heart

Bridging the Omega-3 gap

DHA made simple

Simplify your DHA intake. Are you constantly on the lookout for plant-based Omega-3 sources?
Our daily multivitamin

Fills the Omega-3 gap left by your food intake

Get back to feeling like yourself again