It began with a simple question:

Can vegetarians thrive without compromising their values?

Eating plant-based is one of the healthiest things you can do

Vegetarians and vegans have a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and may even live longer.

But, 84% of plant-eaters abandon their diet

Vegans and vegetarians everywhere struggle with fatigue, anxiety, and skin problems.

The secret is in the (very) small details

Micronutrients have a huge impact on your well-being, touching everything from mood regulation to your gut health.

Our answer was Aylorien

A brand built on the foundation of compassion, health, and environmental integrity.

We make ours with real food

We believe in a world where health and ethics walk hand-in-hand.

Our core values

At the heart of Aylorien lie four pillars:

The clean promise

What you see is what you get

With Aylorien, there's no second guessing. What you see is what you get - a truly clean product that resonates with your values.


We let our reviews speak for themselves.

4.98 average
213 reviews

Aylorien is and incredible product. It is my one-stop shop for vitamins.


Clean ingredient advocate

Can't believe my increased energy since I've been taking these vitamins!


Lifelong vegetarian

Purchased my first bottle about 3 weeks ago and already can feel the positive effects!


Meatless Monday enthusiast