Vegetarian Manifesto: Aylorien’s Philosophy

Vegetarian Manifesto: Aylorien’s Philosophy

Don’t buy our products if you don’t need ‘em 

You might be surprised to learn that at Aylorien, a supplement company, we aren’t all about supplements. 

Don’t get us wrong, we believe in our supplements and the benefits they can offer people who steer clear of animal products. We just don’t think they’re *always* necessary. 

The key is one very important word: deficiency

Basically, if you have a nutritional deficiency, supplements are a good idea. If you don’t, they won’t do much — or anything, really — for you. 

What’s a nutritional deficiency? It’s any kind of hole in your diet where you’re not getting the nutrients your body needs.

For example, iron deficiency is fairly common worldwide, especially among preschool children and menstruating women. Not consuming enough iron can cause fatigue, weaken your immune system, and harm brain function. But here’s where the deficiency part is so important: Consuming too much iron can also be harmful.

Think of it like a cup of coffee. If you’re running low, a top-up is a good idea. But if your mug is close to full, more coffee will just spill over and cause a big mess. 

One note on multivitamins in particular: Some people (and by people, we mean advertisements) might suggest that multivitamins are magical nutritional boosts, but there is little to no evidence that they improve or optimize your health. They won’t help you live longer, slow cognitive decline, or prevent disease. 

All that said…if you’re a vegetarian, supplements are worth considering

That’s because of yet another key nutritional word: bioavailability. This one refers to how easily the human body can absorb nutrients from different foods. And unfortunately for us veg-heads, nutrients in animal products tend to be much more bioavailable than those in plants. 

What makes one nutrient more bioavailable than another? A whole host of factors that involve terms like “synergistic food component processes” and “passive diffusion.” For simplicity, we’ll leave that to the medical researchers; what’s important for you to know is that just because the veggies you’re eating contain a nutrient, that doesn’t automatically mean the good stuff is getting absorbed. 

We’ll use iron as our nutritional example again. Iron is an essential nutrient, as it helps your blood transport oxygen, and your muscles store that oxygen—a pretty important function. And some plant foods are loaded with it, including spinach, which can provide 15% of your daily iron intake in just 3.5 ounces. 

But there’s a major hitch: spinach contains non-heme iron, which is less bioavailable than its counterpart, heme iron, which can be found in many animal products. So if you’re chowing down on a spinach salad while your meat-eating friend tucks into some oysters, only one of you is going to get the full benefits of the iron in your food…and it’s not the vegetarian. 

A few nutrients are especially hard to absorb from plants, or aren’t found in plants at all. Those include vitamin D-3, iron, vitamin B-12, calcium, magnesium, iodine, selenium, DHA omega-3s, and zinc — so vegetarians need to be extra careful about getting enough of those. And that’s why Aylorien exists! Our supplements contain all nine of the above nutrients, all packed into one supplement. You can order some right here, and you’ll know you have everything you need. 

Here’s what all that means for you

First, we recommend finding out whether you have a dietary deficiency that needs balancing out. 

A simple blood test from your doctor tests for many deficiencies — though not all — so a conversation with a registered dietician is a good idea, too. Once you’ve gotten a sense of your nutritional standing, you’ll have confirmation that a supplement would enhance your health.

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, though, chances are good that your diet could use a supplement. That’s because of those nine nutrients we listed earlier, which are very tough to fill up on while sticking to a vegetarian diet. 

Like we mentioned above, all you have to do is add an Aylorien supplement to your daily routine and you can be confident you’re getting enough of those pesky, hard-to-absorb substances. Our product is formulated based on thorough, peer-reviewed medical research, which we’re happy to point you to. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out, we love talking nutrients and vegetarianism.