Clean nutrition you can feel

A once-daily multivitamin for plant-forward eaters.

Comprehensive nutrition

The vitamin for herbivores

With 9 essential nutrients often missed in plant-based diets.

No unnecessary fillers
Zero dyes
No fish
Complete nutrient profile

Real ingredients

Derived from food


Build and maintain strong bones and teeth while supporting heart health


It's more than just a mineral


The nutrient that turns your food into energy


Powerful antioxidant that fights illness


Aids in absorption of calcium and fights infection

DHA Algae Omega-3s

The fish-free healthy fat

Who should take Aylorien's multivitamin?


Our formulation was created with the vegetarian diet in mind.

Plant-forward eaters

People looking to reduce their footprint and eat less meat.

Clean-eating enthusiasts

Those who avoid artificial ingredients and fillers often present in other vitamins.

Plant-forward eaters:

Feel like yourself again

When your body gets the nutrients it needs, it's happy. That's why Aylorien multivitamins cover 100% of the nutrients you need - without using flavors, sweeteners, oils, beadlets, dye, or gelatin.

Simplify your health routine

Our customers have reported feeling more energetic and healthier since taking Aylorien multivitamins - a single solution to cover your nutritional needs.


We let our reviews speak for themselves.

4.98 average
213 reviews

Aylorien is an incredible product. It is my one-stop shop for vitamins.


Clean ingredient advocate

Can't believe my increased energy since I've been taking these vitamins!


Lifelong vegetarian

Purchased my first bottle about 3 weeks ago and already can feel the positive effects!


Meatless Monday enthusiast

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